Amicus Brief on Behalf of John Oliver

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Amicus Brief on Behalf of John Oliver

Postby random » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:10 am

The ACLU of West Virginia filed a Brief Amicus Curiae in support of John Oliver and HBO against Robert "Bob" F. Murray and Murray Energy. A few months ago Last Week Tonight did a segment focused on Bob Murray and his attempts to stifle freedom of the press to report on various aspects of his business. John Oliver also spent some time on the eccentricities of Mr. Murray. He closed the segment basically challenging Mr. Murrary to sue him. The lawsuit was filed the very next day.

So, the ACLU has stepped in on this matter in hilarious fashion. The brief is notable for the section headings such as The Ridiculous Case at Hand, Anyone Can Legally Say 'Eat Shit, Bob!' and All of John Oliver's Speech Was Protected by the First Amendment. You Can't Sue People for Being Mean to You, Bob.

The opening paragraph of the Anyone Can Legally Say 'Eat Shit, Bob!' section is awesome:
This case is beyond meritless. It is offensive to the very ideals of free speech embodied in the First Amendment. The fact that Plaintiffs filed this case is ridiculous enough; but, to pour gasoline on the fire, plaintiffs’ counsel has also filed a motion asking the court to make John Oliver not say mean things about him anymore.

It's a great read and surprisingly fun... for a legal document. You can check out the full text here:

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