Not actual real life games, but things that could one day become games.


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I was stupid and bought this game a few weeks ago. The concept is simple: you are stuck on a planet and need to mine resources and create items in order to build a rocket and get off the planet. Of course, it gets more complex the further you get into the game. If you don't feel like getting anything accomplished in the upcoming weeks, I highly suggest you get it. If you are still on the fence, maybe some of the reviews on Steam will convince you:

This game will eat your soul. Do not install this until you have a clear calender for at least 3 days. Stock up on snacks and drinks first too. Heck hire a maid/cook for the week.

Just make sure all your affairs are in order first, cause you ain't gonna get to them later.

Steam lied. It said 20 bucks. It traded my soul instead.

This game is a time machine. If you play it for 30 minutes, 8 hours will have passed!

Do you enjoy crack but wish you could find something a bit more addictive? Factorio may be right for you!
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