Marvel Heroes Open Beta

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Marvel Heroes Open Beta

Postby random » Wed May 01, 2013 12:33 pm

This weekend Marvel Heroes will be hosting an Open Beta in honor of the Iron Man 3 movie.

Marvel Heroes is a Diablo-esque oblique adventure game where you take on the persona of classic Marvel superheroes to battle hordes of villains and poor, poor street thugs who happen to get in your way. For more information about the Open Beta check out the site:

I played in the closed beta last weekend, and there are a few interesting things to be aware of.
1. Hot swap your Heroes - I started with a single hero (The Thing) but was able to buy additional Heroes (Captain America and Hulk). I was then able to swap between them while in the instance. Combat broke the swap, but it was fun to be able to change out who I was playing as. Each hero leveled separately, so there is the potential to go from getting my ass kicked to having an easy time, and vice versa
2. MMO - The game is an MMO, and that means running into a great many other heroes while out and about in New York. I don't know how they segment the player population, but I was running around with several Deadpools, Captain Americas, Iron Mans, etc. Lots of the same heroes, and I could jump into combat with them or run on past.
3. Loot - The loot system feels similar to D3 with things dropping and readily equipable. There are six or so equip slots on the hero, though they don't impact overall look. There are costume slots where you can equip specific overall looks for your hero based upon what was featured in the comic books.
4. Crafting - There is a crafting system, but I really didn't have time to get into it during my hour or so of play.

The pre-order page shows three tiers available. You can buy a single hero with a back-up costume for ~$20. You can buy a hero pack (either a single hero with many costumes or a group of heroes with a single costume) for ~$60. You can buy everything for ~$200.

Interestingly enough, the single hero packs appear to be "selling out" for specific heroes. Maybe they are trying to limit the number of Iron Mans running around New York at one time.

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