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* Mega Pakistani YouTube sensation Taher Shah

As further proof of cultural differences, here is a video titled "Angel" by Taher Shah. The video and accompanying song is inexplicably causing an internet and social media frenzy in India and Pakistan (and the UK). For those of you who don't know (and I didn't until earlier this week) Taher Shah is a Pakistani businessman who dabbles in music the way George W. Bush dabbles in painting; it isn't (and shouldn't be) his main focus and the output is inflicted upon those who come across it. Here's the link:

In the video, Shah wanders around a golf course looking like a confused Dumbledore until he finds the lady in white and later a child. Apparently, there is a full narrative at work here with layers of meaning woven throughout. Yeah. I just don't care. As an aside, the child featured in the video is apparently his son; that poor, poor child.

Shah has developed a <Donald Trump>"huge"</Donald Trump> following in India and Pakistan. As further evidence of Newton's Third Law of Social Media, there is also a huge group in India and Pakistan who have taken to mocking him and all he stands for. It's great to see the peoples of Pakistan and India putting aside their generations of distrust and coming together to agree on something.

Finally, "Angel" is not the first song from Shah. Back in 2013 he did release "Eye to Eye". The link is below in case you want to be fully versed in Shah's discography. It seems that he has to be reminded periodically to smile while he's singing.

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